Jerusalem is known for centuries as the holy land and one of the most special cities in the world known for its spirituality and human diversity, hosting different races, religions, and nationalities. If you’re looking for the perfect religious destination, Jerusalem is the place. A visit there is a powerfu...

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    JERICHO Jan06


      Jericho, the City of Palms, is the oldest inhabited city on Earth, dating back almost 12,000 years. Excavations at the Tel al-Sultan ruins show Jericho settlements as early as 10,000 B.C.E.Jericho located near the Dead Sea, which is more than 400 meters below sea level, it stays warm throughout the year. ...

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      NAZARETH Jan06


        Nazareth is the capital and the largest city in the North of the Holy Land. Nazareth was referred to as ‘town of Galilee’ and home of Mary, it is also the childhood home of Jesus, and as such is a center of Christian pilgrimage, with many shrines commemorating biblical events...

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        BETHLEHEM Jan08


          A few miles south of Jerusalem lies the city of Bethlehem. It’s the little town where Jesus Christ was born. A major attraction is the Church of the Nativity, one of the oldest churches worldwide, built over the cave where Jesus was born. The adjoining Church of St. Catherine possesses marvelous wood carvin...

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