Jordan has delighted visitors for centuries with its World Heritage sites, friendly towns and inspiring desert landscapes. 

Jordan has a tradition of welcoming visitors, and known for its several monuments, including Roman amphitheaters, Crusader castles and Christian mosaics, all of which have fascinated subsequent travelers in search of antiquity and the origins of faith. The tradition of hospitality to visitors remains to this day.  

Petra, the ancient Nabataean city locked in the heart of Jordan’s sandstone escarpments, is the jewel in the crown of the country’s many antiquities. The walk through the Siq to the Treasury (Petra’s defining monument) impresses every traveler visiting it.  With sites flung over a vast rocky landscape and a mood that changes with the shifting light of dawn and dusk, this is a highlight that rewards a longer visit.  

Take a ride through Wadi Rum at sunset, a land of weathered sandstone and reddened dunes. But Jordan’s desert landscapes are not confined to the southeast: they encompass a salt sea at the lowest point on earth, canyons flowing with seasonal water, oases of palm trees and explosions of springtime flowers scattered across arid hills. Minimal planning and only a modest budget are required for an adventure.  

Some of the most defining places of the birth of Christianity are located in Jordan, known for their dramatic beauty as spiritual destinations. Here are some of the places that are a must visit when traveling to Jordan. 

Amman: This is the ancient city of Philadelphia; it has been mentioned many times in the Old Testament. It is a beautiful capital that offers a unique blend between modernity and antiquity. There are wonderful ruins dating from Roman times, the Old town easily transports visitors back in history. 

Umm Qays: Located in the North tip of Jordan, there are the ruins of an ancient Roman city. It is called the place “where Jesus preached the kingdom of Heaven”. It is possible to enjoy breathtaking views of the Galilee Sea. Jesus frequented this town in many opportunities with his disciples. 

JerashIt is one of the best preserved ancient ruins. It takes around one hour From Amman driving through a good highway. Jerash was one of the most magnificent Greek cities in the times of Jesus and part of the Decapolis. Many agree this is the city referred to in the parable of the prodigal son. In Biblical times it was known as Gerasa. 

Ma’in: It is mentioned several times in the Old Testament. This is a beautiful Oasis in the midst of the dessert. There are thermal spring waters that falls from high on the mountain. There is a luxurious five star resort and a Spa. In the night one can delight in the breathtaking view of Jerusalem. 

The Dead Sea: Present in many of the biblical accounts. It is an amazing and almost surreal place. Its waters have healing properties and they are so unique that one can float. Some of the best hotels of Jordan are there. 

Madaba: This is one of the most ancient Christian cities of the world. It is known as the city of Mosaics. Among the many wonderful mosaics one can admire in the Church of St. George one of the most ancient maps of the Holy Land. 

Al Karak: This was the ancient location of the Palace of Herod. It is still possible to observe some of the remnants of that time and an amazing castle from the crusaders. Here John the Baptist was condemned and decapitated. 

Mount Nebo: Impressive and majestic, it is possible to contemplate from here almost all the Holy Land, from Jericho all the way to Jerusalem. It was here that Moses observed the Promised Land and it was here he died. 

Jordan River: The ancient place of the Baptism of Jesus Christ. There is a lot of history and natural beautify coming together. It is possible to appreciate ancient ruins of Churches and monasteries and to get all the way to the Jordan River and touch its waters; the other side of the river is Jericho. 

Aqaba and the Red Sea: It has been found in Aqaba the ruins of the most ancient Christian church. The Red Sea was defining in the history of the people of the Old Testament. Nowadays Aqaba is a luxurious sea scape offering excellent diving and luxurious lodging. 


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