Busy cities, tasty food, beautiful beaches, idyllic islands and national parks with wildlife-packed rainforests can all be found in one country; Malaysia.  It’s m...

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    THAILAND Jan06


      Thailand is a combination of exotic, tropical, cultural, and historical destination with tropical beaches, blue mountains, and beautiful Islands and landscapes. Thai cuisine is known for its generous, warm, fresh, and tasty food....

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      JORDAN Jan06


        Jordan has delighted visitors for centuries with its World Heritage sites, friendly towns and inspiring desert landscapes.  Jordan has a tradition of welcoming visitors, and known for its several...

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        GREECE Jan06


          Greece is a country in southeastern Europe known for its beaches and beautiful islands throughout the Aegean and Ionian seas. It’s a great destination for honeymooners and vacations. Greece will always top the list if you’re looking for a place to spend time with your beloved ones or to escape daily routine. Greece is one of t...

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          ITALY Jan06


            Italy is the home to many of the world’s greatest works of art, architecture and food, Visit Italy and check its galleries, fashion and restaurants. Italy is rich with natural masterpieces, from the north’s icy Alps and glacial lakes to the south’s fiery craters and turquoise grottoes. ...

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            EGYPT Jan06


              Egypt, the country known for Nile, magnificent monuments, charming desert and lush delta, and with its long past and welcoming, story-loving people.  With sand-covered tombs, austere pyramids an...

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              SPAIN Feb09


                A country devoted to living the good life, Spain is a country more diverse than you ever imagined. Spain is rich with charming cliffs at Atlantic northwest that are offset by the charming coves of the Mediterranean. Wherever you go in Spain you’ll be surrounded by villa...

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                FRANCE Feb09


                  France seduces travelers with its culture, woven around cafe terraces, village-square markets and lace-curtained bistros with their plat du jour chalked on the board. France is about world-class art and architecture. It is whe...

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                  LEBANON Feb09


                    A Mediterranean nation that combines traditions with modernity, Lebanon is the place where you find culture, family, and religions all combined together.  Lebanon is the home of glorious national cuisine, with magnificent beach resorts and the Middle East’s most glamorous, hedonistic city (Beirut). It is also blessed with m...

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